Church Building

Why Build a Church?

Our church seeks to empower members to live a life of purpose! With your help,
we will build a place that will become a springboard to touch countless lives.
Health Ministries: Our church has a passion for teaching the community
about health management, disease prevention, cooking techniques and healthy eating.
This church will have facilities for cooking and practical lessons, a large meeting room
for community health education seminars, and classrooms for breakout sessions and
individualized health counseling.
Outreach: A church building will allow our church members to expand their
existing outreach ministries, including sharing food and support to those in need. We
distribute non-perishable food items in under-served areas of the city – by having a
kitchen we could expand this program to help fight hunger.
Youth Activities: Church can also be a great agent of stability, social
networking, motivation and development to young minds. Our church plans will give
our young people more space for their existing and future activities, such as Vacation
Bible School and Pathfinders club.
Music: Music is a big deal at Far West End! In order to support our numerous
musical ensembles and productions, we need to have reliable rehearsal space and a
venue for all of our special celebrations, including Easter and Christmas. Building a
church will ensure that our music ministry will continue to grow and flourish.

Join us in our project to better serve God and our community!

Phase I ($2.2 million) - approximately 10,100 square feet
1 Multipurpose room (61’ x 59’) with seating for 290 people
1 Kitchen space
7 classrooms + 1 Office

Additional Features
Kitchen w/ all appliances - $30,000
Sound Booth (Electrical/Audio/Video Wiring) - $80,000
Paved and Marked Driveway/Parking Lot - $75,000
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